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Service Provider Protocols (COVID19 Vaccinated)

Surgical Grade Virucide disinfectant - for all high contact surfaces before and after each client.

I am fully vaccinated, and will wear a Face Mask during spikes of infection in our region, and if State Mandated.  

Surgical Gloves - reduce cross contamination



Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the end of each service, and I will escort guest out so you do not have to touch anything else before leaving

Client Protocols

The Front doors automatically lock.   Please text me .   I will text you back as soon as I am free, and let you in.


There are benches in view of my Suite 115. Please wait on one of them until I have the room disinfected for your safety.

NO shortcuts are taken regarding disinfection.  This may cause a slight delay of service.  I appreciate your patience.



Please bring a mask with you in case the rules suddenly change. 


Unless ordered by the State you do not need to wear your mask within our private Suite, You may be required to wear a mask entering the building. That requirement will be displayed at the front of the building.

Book 5 days after a confirmed case of COVID19.

Book in 5 days if you have 2 or MORE of these symptoms;-

    - sudden loss of taste or smell

    - fever - 100*f and above

    - tiredness

    - dry cough

    - aches and pains

    - nasal congestion

    - runny nose

    - sore throat

    - diarrheas

    - received testing for COVID19.

Thank You.

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